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About our dsBenchmark App?

"Thanks Nick, this is really helping me test my clients server performance. You really know your stuff."

FiveAlive on FMForums.

"Thanks Nick! I found your first video with Richard Carlton to be very helpful and look forward to reading your report. The lack of documentation and reports on FileMaker server has been frustrating so I am glad to see someone share their findings."

Andrewd on FMForums.

"I can easily vouch for this!

Read the full story here

Brent Hedden: University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

You can download dsBenchmark here.

FileMaker Devcon 2018

dsBenchmark referred to by FileMaker Engineers in this Q&A.

About our report on Filemaker Server Performance?

One senior person at FileMaker Inc. said:

"Very nice. Had some time to go through it. Did you post it on the community forums? May benefit some people and get more reads."

Another FileMaker Inc. staffer said:

"Hi. Apols for the delay - I did review the document which is excellent."

Another FileMaker Inc senior Manager said:

"...an excellent report on "Understanding & Tuning FileMaker Server."

On FM Forums:

Stephen Dolenski said: "Thanks Nick for posting - this is timely and very informative."

You can read and download our report here.

We have made two videos for Richard Carlton Consulting which explores Filemaker Performance and includes some of the results from the use of the dsBenchmark Tool.

Understanding Filemaker Server Performance here

Does & don'ts of building for performance here

About our review of FMI's "Design: Performance" Guide.

"And thank you to Nick Lightbody of Deskspace Limited for technical review.
Ann Monroe Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Customer Success, FMI Oct 15, 2014 4:20 AM

About trials of an Education Leadership Management System built with our Deskspace App Framework

"The app is lightning fast on the new hosting system."Tom Cassidy