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What is dCMS?
Introduction video
How to compose a page

What is dCMS?

deskspace Content Management System creates fast responsive web sites from a single page of Markdown content for every web page.

The dCMS flavour of Markdown is just like normal text except you prefix each paragraph with between 1 and 6 # characters. This tells dCMS what format, type, colors etc to use for each paragraph.

You can add other things to your page

You can add dCMS tags in the Markdown to display images, web links, videos etc in your page. See the example of a web link for markdown above.

dCMS has many tools that make the addition of other things easy.

Once you understand the syntax you can write the tags yourself, maybe copy and alter an existing one, if you wish.

Select a theme

Try different themes from the pop up menu above.

You can change the content of the page by editing the Markdown text on the second Tab.

Editing themes

You can change the appearance of a dCMS web page as you wish as you can edit all the CSS properties that control appearance using the various dCMS design tools.

The dCMS user interface has several different levels so that you can start off simple and then display and use more tools when you wish to do so.

Cross platform

This version of dCMS has been tested and refined on Mac OS and will also run on iOS and Windows. Later versions will contain refinements for those types of device.

It can also be hosted by FileMaker Server to enable access with a web browser but that functionality has not been tested in this version. If you wish to try it out we would be pleased to receive your feedback.



Simple Ui

Immediate preview

More sophisticated Ui

Side by side Advanced Editor

Powerful Designer containing all CSS controls

Site List for editing page names and sequence

Page List for getting page names quickly

Change the Markdown level of all the paragraphs on a page

dCMS Robot to substitute content on just the page or throughout the whole site

Efficient up to 70k words on a page - tested up to 200k words on a page

Here is a fully list of features.

How to compose a page

Here is some detail on how control the content and appearance of your own web pages.